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An artist’s rendering of the 1-story apartments with attached garages at Wayfare Cibolo Hills

Where to Live in Fort Worth: Welcome to Wayfare Cibolo Hills

Life in Fort Worth is bursting with opportunities: for work, for play, for family, and for following your dreams. It’s a city on the leading edge of technology, industry, and education that never forgets to honor its historical roots. With so much potential for both professional and personal pursuits, it’s little wonder Fort Worth is still growing—or that it’s one of the best places to live in Texas.

Of course, this city is big—home to almost 900,000 people and hundreds of neighborhoods. That abundance can make finding the best apartment for rent feel overwhelming. But one up-and-coming community is fast becoming the clear choice for many moving to Fort Worth: Cibolo Hills.

Meet Wayfare Cibolo Hills

The Cibolo Hills area is something new and needed in Fort Worth: an idyllic and peaceful suburb with easy access to the best the city has to offer. Finding a peaceful, quiet space too often means sacrificing convenience to life’s finer things, but not here. Located in North Fort Worth near Saginaw, Cibolo Hills is truly the best of both worlds.

This neighborhood comes with a wealth of shopping, recreation, and travel opportunities, as well as ample greenspace and that small neighborhood atmosphere you crave. Within 10–20 minutes of the Wayfare Cibolo Hills community, for instance, you’ll find…

The neighborhood here is made of a diverse range of professionals and families: teachers and college professors, nurses and doctors, logistics and engineering experts—the list goes on. With such a vibrant, ambitious community, Cibolo Hills makes an ideal foundation for a life well lived.

Must-Have Features to Look For in a Rental

To get the most out of life in north Fort Worth, you’ll need a place that puts everything you need to thrive at your fingertips—a place that sets you up for success every single day.

Single-Story Apartments

Single-story apartments are another best-of-both-worlds choice for Fort Worth residents. They offer all the conveniences of homeownership and then some—without the constant, costly maintenance. In a 1-story apartment, you’ll never have noisy neighbors above you or have to worry about disturbing anyone below you. And moving in is a breeze, with no stairs, awkward breezeways, or trip hazards to get in your way.

Apartments with Attached Garages

Let’s be honest—it’s hot in Texas. Given the choice, who would want to start their daily commute in scorching heat every morning? But it’s not just the heat residents have to worry about. Texas experiences the most hail damage of any state, with 9% of all insurance claims being hail-related.

Clearly, leaving your car out in the elements can cause more than just a little discomfort when you step out. Choosing an apartment with an attached garage can keep your car’s exterior looking great, deter theft and vandalism, and safeguard you against wild weather damage.

Electric Car Charging Hookups

Texans account for about 52,000 electric vehicle registrations—the 3rd highest in the US! If you’re one of the many who has or is considering making the switch, it’s important to rent an apartment with convenient access to EV charging stations. At Wayfare Cibolo Hills, you won’t just be close to an electric car charging station—you’ll have one in your own garage.

Ample Greenspace

In any major metropolitan area, especially one as massive as Fort Worth, having access to greenspace is not only nice—it’s essential for our health. In order to live our best lives, we all need outdoor amenities where we can exercise, destress, and soak in all the many mental health and wellness benefits that simply being close to nature provides.

With individual lawns, a pet park, and just a short drive to one of Texas’ most beautiful lakes, Wayfare Cibolo Hills is a place where you can let your spirit roam free.

Amenities for the Modern Age

A home shouldn’t just be a pitstop, a place to wash, eat, sleep, and repeat. It should be a place that supports your dreams and well-being, whether you work remotely or spend your off-time there as a sanctuary. Choose an apartment with amenities that make good living easy, like the resort-style saltwater pool, 24/7 fitness center, Cyber Café, community gathering room, and more at Wayfare Cibolo Hills.

With everything you need at the hub of your neighborhood, you won’t have to fight traffic, weather, or distance to do the things that matter most to you. And that means more opportunities to thrive!

Reserve Your Home Today

Wayfare Cibolo Hills is set to become Fort Worth’s premier luxury apartment community. We’re redefining what apartment living can be—a small neighborhood where residents can live large. Learn more about our one- and two-bedroom apartment floor plans, our community, and how to reserve your home online today.

Wayfare Cibolo Hills: Luxury Single Story Apartments in Fort Worth, TX

Coming soon to north Fort Worth, Wayfare Cibolo Hills offers an idyllic, luxury community where residents can enjoy peace, quiet, and comfort. Home should be a place you love to relax, live, and play every day. At Wayfare Cibolo Hills, it will be. Apply today to join the waitlist or call 682-312-3851 for more information.

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